Power Cord 12V - Cigarette Lighter Car Battery Power Cord, 25 ft

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Run LED Sign Via Your Car's Battery

All of our LED signs can be directly powered by the 12V DC power source on most auto's and vehicles.  No voltage converter is needed.  This 25 foot cable lets you plug your Asayo LED sign directly into the cigarette lighter jack on the dash of your automobile, letting you use your LED sign at events where you don't have standard household power available.

How Long Will An Asayo LED Sign Will Run Off A Car Battery?

The typical car battery has a rating of 60 Amp Hours, and you need to recharge it when you've used 60% of its capacity.  That means you only get 60 x 0.6, or 36 Amp Hours of usable capacity, or 432 Watt Hours (36 Amp Hours x 12 Volts DC).

Assume 40% inefficiency in the system due to wires, converting the power, etc, and you have 432 Watt Hours x (1 - 40%), or 259 Watt Hours.  Our LED signs draw an average of 36 Watts.  So a 60 Amp Hour car battery can power the LED sign for 7.2 hours (259 Watt Hours / 36 Watts).

If you don't have a fully charged battery, or if your battery is old, you may not safely use the full 7.20 hours of operating the LED sign.  If you drain your car battery too far, you will have a dead battery and will be unable to start your car.

Compatible LED Signs

This 12V power cord is compatible with all Asayo LED signs.

Feature Summary

25 Foot Length

2.1 mm x 5.5 mm Plug

12V Cigarette Lighter Plug

18AWG Wire

Made in USA

Package Dimensions

10.0 x 7.0 x 3.0 in
1.0 lbs

(25.4 x 17.8 x 7.6 cm)
(0.5 kg)

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Power Cord 12V ($25)  Item # 160020





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