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This kit is a USB version of our LED Sign Serial Kit.  It combines our easy to use LED Sign Software LS program, our 15-foot LED Sign Cable, and our USB Adapter.  With the software, cable and adapter you can edit messages and control any of our LED signs using a USB port on a Windows PC.


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The software lets you program the sign without having to learn technical LED sign commands.  Any set of messages you create with the program can be then saved in a file.

To send your messages to your LED sign, just click on the program's Send button.  The messages will then all be sent and displayed on the LED sign.

The features of being able to easily enter and edit messages using your PC's keyboard, and being able to save your messages in a PC file, makes this USB kit an important time saving option.  You can use the software and cables with as many Asayo LED Signs as you have.

USB Adapter & Serial Cable

The USB kit includes our USB Adapter Cable which connects a USB port on your PC to our 15-foot DP9 to RJ11 serial cable.  The serial cable then connects to the 4-pin modular phone jack on the back of the LED sign.  If desired, you can extend the length of the 15-foot serial cable to 1,000 feet, by purchasing a standard 4-wire RJ11 telephone line extension cable and phone line coupler at any local electronics or computer store. 

Software Bonus

As an added bonus, we include a copy of our advanced LED Sign Software XL with this USB kit.  This advanced software program provides you with greater control of your Asayo LED sign, including additional display transitions, animations, message timers, editable graphic characters, message comments and definition shortcuts.

If you want to develop your own software application, you can with our LED Sign Software Developers Kit, or our LED Sign Message Tool.

Compatible LED Signs

The LED Sign USB Kit is compatible with all Asayo LED Signs.

Feature Summary

LED Sign Software LS

LED Sign Software XL (bonus)

Software on CD-ROM

Installation Guide

Serial Cable (15-Foot)

USB Adapter Cable (2-Foot)

Package Dimensions

11.0 x 8.0 x 1.0 in
0.8 lbs

(27.9 x 20.3 x 2.5 cm)
(0.4 kg)

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LED Sign USB Kit ($170)  Item # 140150


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