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We created this easy-to-use software so users would not have to learn LED sign commands to create and edit scrolling messages on their LED signs.  Our full-featured LED Sign Software XL program requires users to understand the features and commands of Asayo's LED signs.  This simpler, yet still powerful LED sign software, lets users type in their messages, select colors and transitions, and click the Send button.  You can easily create and maintain up to 12 long messages.  The software works with all of our signs, and enables users to . . .

Create & edit 12 separate messages, 500+ characters each

Set color and motion for each message

Send to LED signs connected to your PC, LAN or the Internet

Save and open messages in files

Set user preferences

The software lets you create eye-catching moving LED sign messages by just typing in the messages using your PC keyboard.  Then, save your messages to a file for later access or for backup.  We've also included example message files that can be opened and used as starting points for your messages.


Comes On

Easy To Use

We've sold 1000's of LED signs and LED sign software, and we found that most users don't have the time or desire to learn about how LED signs work.  They want to purchase their LED sign and software, and immediately start using it, without having to read manuals.  This program was design for this situation.  Once a user has entered their messages, one click of the Send button sends them to their LED sign.  The program's fast edit and send cycle, lets you adjust messages, colors and transitions quickly to get the desired effects you want.  You can even try out each message by itself, to quickly adjust individual messages.

When you're happy with your messages, you can save them to a text file for later use and for backup purposes.

Control LED Signs Around The World

The LS software lets you specify the 'Send To' address for your messages in your preferences.  The 'Send To' address can be a PC COM port, USB port, local LAN address, or Internet Web IP address.  Using a Web IP address along with our LED Sign Ethernet Kit, you can use the LS software to send messages to an LED sign that's in another building, or halfway around the world, via the Internet.

Time of Day

The LS software lets you set your LED sign's clock, and let's you display the time of day in your messages.

System Requirements

The Asayo LED Sign Software LS program works on a PC with...

Windows 98/ME/XP/NT/Vista operating system

Serial COM port, USB port, or Web address for message send

Browser to view help files

Software Only

This is only the LED Sign Software LS program, and does not include the LED Sign Cable.  If you also need the serial data cable, you can purchase the cable and this software together as a kit, see LED Sign Serial Kit.  A LED Sign USB Adapter is available for PC's with only USB ports, along with a LED Sign USB Kit.

If you want to control our LED signs from within your own software programs, see our LED Sign Software Developers Kit, or our LED Sign Message program.

Compatible LED Signs

The LED Sign Software LS program is compatible with all Asayo LED Signs.

Feature Summary

LED Sign Software on CD-ROM

Quick Installation Guide

Made in USA

Package Dimensions

10.0 x 7.0 x 0.5 in
0.3 lbs

(25.4 x 17.8 x 1.3 cm)
(0.1 kg)

We ship worldwide (shipping costs)

LED Sign Software LS ($100)  Item # 140260


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