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Would you like to write your own computer application to control an Asayo LED sign?  Would you like to display news headlines, stock prices, the weather, corporate data or other information on an LED Sign?  With our software developers kit (SDK) you can.

The software developers kit includes example source code and documentation so a developer can create his or her own computer software to control any Asayo LED sign.  The SDK shows how to send computer information to the sign via a PC's serial port or network connection, and details the data formats expected by the signs.

Three example programs are included.  One lets you type in text and see it immediately displayed on the LED sign.  The second program shows how to extract news headlines, stock prices, and local temperatures from the web, then display this information on the sign every 5 minutes.  A third program shows how you can send messages to an LED sign at an IP address over a network.  This third program requires our LED Sign Ethernet Kit to use 


Perl Code Sample

Examples Written in Perl

The SDK assumes you have a PC programming background and are familiar with the Perl programming language.  The examples are written in Perl, which is an open source language that you can download from www.ActiveState.com.  Perl is an interpretive language and is available for most computing platforms.  While the examples are written in Perl, you can use any computer language to control our LED signs.


Another option is our LED Sign Message Software tool.  It lets you quickly send messages to LED signs using Windows PC system commands, so you avoid having to write any code to control COM ports or IO Sockets.

We can also develop custom LED sign software for you.  To explore this option call us at 408 348 2114. 

Serial Cable Wiring Diagram

Included in the documentation is the wiring of the RS232 Serial Data Cable, which is needed to connect your PC to an Asayo LED Sign.  We also sell the LED Sign Cable.  If your PC has only a USB port, you can use an off-the-shelf USB to serial port adapter, or use the LED Sign USB Adapter we sell.


The SDK is compatible with all Asayo LED Signs.

The SDK is provided on CD-ROM disk.

Feature Summary

Three Example Programs

Written in Perl

Source Code Provided

Cable Wiring Diagrams

Reference Guide

Provided on CD-ROM disk

Made in USA

Package Dimensions

10.0 x 7.0 x 0.3 in
0.1 lbs

(25.4 x 17.8 x 0.8 cm)
(0.1 kg)

We ship worldwide (shipping costs)

LED Sign SDK ($130)  Item # 140080


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