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Would you like to send messages to LED signs from within your software or command files?  Software developers and system operators can do this within minutes using our LED Sign Message software tool.

This software tool works by taking the arguments found on the command line and using these arguments to send a message to one or more Asayo LED signs over com ports (Serial/USB) or to IP addresses via a LAN or the Internet.  For example, if you wanted to display the current sales figure on an LED sign in the sales department, you might enter the following command at the Windows PC command prompt . . .

c:\>led-sign-message COM1 "$3.4M June Sales    "

This will then cause the message "$3.4M June Sales    " to start scrolling on the LED sign in the sales department, providing the sign is connected to your Windows PC via the COM1 port. 

Most PC application languages let you execute system commands from within the application, so by this method you can add LED sign messages to your code in a snap.  Perl lets you do this with Perl's "system" command . . .

system ( "c:\led-sign-message COM1 \"$3.4M June Sales    \"" );

The above Perl command will cause the sales message to be displayed on the LED sign.  In Visual Basic you would use the Shell ( "command line" ) command.

For an Ethernet connected LED sign you might use the following type of command line. . .

led-sign-message "$3.4M June Sales   "

For a stationary message that does not scroll, you can add the /fixed style option after the message . . .

led-sign-message COM1 "$3.4M June Sales" /f

The LED Sign Message software tool also lets you format the messages by placing LED sign functions in the message text.  For example if you want the "Hello World!" message to appear with a green Hello, a red World!, and 10 spaces, you would use the following format . . .

led-sign-message com3 "{green}Hello {red}World!{spaces:10}"

For a long messages, over 100 characters, you can specify a file name for the message as in...

led-sign-message COM1 file:c:\messages.txt

What You Avoid

Our message software tool lets you avoid having to code software for...

COM ports

IO socket Ethernet connections

LED sign functions

Non-printable ASCII protocol commands

The LED Sign Message software tool takes care of all of this for you, and you only have to figure out how to execute a system command from within your application, such as with the system command in the Perl example earlier.

Control LED Signs Around the World

The LED Sign Message software tool lets you specify the 'Send To' address for your messages in the command line.  The 'Send To' address can be a COM port, or a Web IP address.  Using a Web IP address with our LED Sign Message software and our LED Sign Ethernet Kit lets you send messages to an LED sign that's in another building, or halfway around the world, via a LAN or the Internet.


The LED Sign Message software tool is ideal for process control, updating, counting, and other quick status information applications.  For example a customer might be using Computer Associate's Unicenter software to manage their corporate data.  Then using our LED Sign Message software tool, the customer can have the Unicenter Alert messages appear on an LED sign in their operations center.  If you have any questions on how to quickly integrate this tool with your software or system commands, give us a call at 408 348 2114.


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Automatic Message Styles

The LED Sign Message software tool automatically formats the message for scrolling from right to left on the LED signs.  The /fixed style formats the message so that it appears as a fixed stationary message on the LED sign.  The /plain style provides for no automatic formatting of the messages sent, giving you complete control over the message's format.

LED Sign Commands

The following LED sign message formatting commands can be used in your messages. . .

{left} {right} {up} {down} {doff} {dobig} {flash}
    {jump} {open>} {open<>} {close>} {close><} {clear}
    {shift<>} {sqz<>} {squeeze><} {12hr} {24hr} {date}
    {random} {speed:1...9} {sleft} {wait:1...9} {snow}
    {dsnow} {normal} {big} or {double} or {bold} or {wide}
    {red} {green} {yellow} {black} {rainbow}
    {function_color:red,green,yellow} {graphic:0...47}
    {symbol:0...31} {amination:a...z} {gif:a...z}
    {section:a...z} {gosub:b...z}

System Requirements

The LED Sign Message software tool is design to operate on a Windows PC with . . .

Asayo LED signs

Windows 98/ME/XP/NT/Vista operating system

Serial COM port, USB port, or IP address for message send

Compatible LED Signs

The software tool is compatible with all Asayo LED Signs.

Software Only

This is only the LED Sign Message program, and does not include any Asayo LED Signs, LED Sign Cables, or connection devices such as LED Sign USB Adapter or LED Sign Ethernet Kit.

If you want to develop your own LED sign application, see our LED Sign Software Developers Kit.

Feature Summary

LED Sign Software on CD-ROM

Reference Guide

Made in USA

Package Dimensions

10.0 x 7.0 x 0.3 in
0.1 lbs

(25.4 x 17.8 x 0.8 cm)
(0.1 kg)

We ship worldwide (shipping costs)

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