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Serial cable to connect a PC to any of our LED signs.  This 15 foot RS232 cable has a DP9 connector on one end that attaches to your PC's 9-pin serial port, and a RJ11 modular type phone connector on the other end that attached to the serial port on the back of our LED Signs.  If your PC only has USB ports, we have available a USB Adapter that you can use with this serial cable.

NOTE: This cable is wired to work with the Asayo LED signs.  It will also work with the Kingpul, Sigma ASC, Maplin and ColorBrite LED signs, since these were all made by the same Kingpul manufacturer.  We do not know if this cable will work with any other products.  The wiring diagram for this cable is shown below on this page if you want to double check that.

Extend To 1,000 Feet

You can extend the length of this cable to 1,000 feet by purchasing a standard 4-wire RJ11 telephone line extension cords and a couplers at a local electronics store.  We do not recommend extending this cable beyond one thousand feet, since a longer cable could cause data lost over the serial connection.  For longer distances you can use our LED Sign Ethernet Kit.

Cable Only

This is the cable only, and does not include our LED Sign Software XL program.  If you need both the software and cable, you can purchase them together as a kit, see LED Sign Serial Kit and LED Sign USB Kit.

Compatible LED Signs

The LED Sign Cable is compatible with all Asayo LED Signs.

Cable Diagram

Feature Summary

RS232 Data Cable

15 Foot Length

DP9 Connector

RJ11 Connector

Made in USA

Package Dimensions

10.0 x 7.0 x 1.0 in
0.4 lbs

(25.4 x 17.8 x 2.5 cm)
(0.2 kg)

We ship worldwide (shipping costs)

LED Sign Cable ($100)  Item # 140070



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