Chapter 3 - LED Sign Regulation Issues & Options


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Some cities have established signage controls for signs that are visible to the public.  Most of these regulations apply only to signs that are outside, and do not apply to LED signs that are inside your establishment, even if they may be facing people outside, through a window. 

Options When Use Is Restricted

If your city restricts the use of LED motion signs, you may still have some options . . .

1) Some cities still allow LED signs, providing you get a sign permit.  Check if this is an option with your city, and available to you.

2) Some cities restrict LED signs if they simulate the effect of motion, but do not restrict stationary, non-moving, LED signs.  In this case you can use the LED sign for the display of stationary information, such as your hours, rates, etc.

3) If your city restricts all public use of visible scrolling LED signs, you can still use LED signs inside your establishment, as long as the sign is not visible by the outside public.  You can use a LED sign to communicate with customers, prospects, students and employees that are inside your business, either waiting for service, browsing, studying, working, etc.

4) Think about placing an LED sign above an exit, facing inside, to communicate with people that are leaving, maybe just to thank them for visiting.

LED signs are one of the most effective non-threatening ways to communicate with clients and prospects.  If you can only use them inside your establishment, they can still prove to be effective in helping you reach your goals.


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