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Our industrial quality moving message LED signs improve communication and sales in a variety of applications, and they're hassle-free.

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LED Sign USB Kit

LED Sign Ethernet Kit

LED Sign Serial Kit


LED Sign Message

LED Sign Software XL

LED Sign Software LS

LED Sign Cable

LED Sign USB Adapter

LED Sign Keypad

LED Sign Adapter



- LED Sign Regulation Issues

- LED Sign Tips

- LED Sign FAQ's

Controlling Multiple LED Signs

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Controlling LED Signs over the Internet or a LAN

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Software Developers

We now provide two ways to integrate LED signs into your own software . . .

LED Sign Software Developer Kit

Our SDK lets you create and send message strings to Asayo LED signs in their message protocol.  Perl source code examples are provided, though you can use most PC languages.  Price $130  Learn More

LED Sign Message Software Tool

Our software tool takes the arguments on a command line to build and send a message to one or more Asayo LED signs, over Serial/USB Com ports or Ethernet to IP addresses.  Price $150  Learn More

LED Sign Expertise

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New easy-to-use
LED Sign Software LS

LED Sign Software LS


Control any of our signs
across campus, or halfway around the world...

LED Sign Ethernet Kit


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