10 Ways We Help You Save Time & Money


1)  Price

We keep our overhead low to offer lower prices to our customers and that's why we're in Utah, rather than New York or California.

2)  Guarantee & Warranty

The LED signs and accessories we sell are covered by our 30-day return guarantee and our 1-year limited warranty.

3)  Selection

We seek out and offer quality LED signs and accessories.  We state why we like a product, and how we think it compares.  We will suggest a lower-cost / smaller LED sign, if that LED sign will better meet a customer's needs.

4)  Delivery

We stock the LED signs we sell to reduce the time it takes to get them to you, usually turning around an order within one business day.  We also ship worldwide.

5)  Shipping

We pack items together to reduce shipping costs.  Our shopping cart instantly shows you the items selected, how they will be packed, and what the shipping cost will be.

6)  Questions

If you have a question or a problem, you'll be talking to someone at Asayo who knows the LED sign, not a customer service representative in a foreign location.  When you email us, we'll send you a specific reply.

7)  Inspection

We inspect each LED sign prior to shipping it.  We do not use warehouse drop-shippers since we could not insure the quality of what you'll receive.  If an LED sign needs to be returned, you return it to us, not a drop shipper.

8)  Making Things Right

If you are unhappy with what you've purchased, you call us.  We'll work with you to see how we can make things right for you.

9)  Similar Items & Accessories

If we carry items that are similar, we point these out so you can evaluate alternatives.  We point out accessories that you can combine with your order.

10)  Parts

When possible we try to offer replacement parts for our LED signs.

Place an order with us, and we'll work to see that you join our
other customers who are happy they bought from Asayo.

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