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After years of selling LED signs, Asayo no longer does.  We do still sell accessories for Asayo LED signs, and we do offer repair services for Asayo signs that our customers are still using.  Our telephone numbers, email addresses and locations are the same if you need to contact us. 

We thank our customers for their patronage over the years.

Controlling Multiple Signs  

Asayo is a USA company headquartered in Utah.  We sell LED signs, software and related accessories to customers worldwide

Care for our customers starts with the LED signs we offer.  We research and test the LED signs to determine if they meet our standards, the standards of our customers, and ultimately the people that read the LED signs.

Asayo's customer care continues with the LED sign details provided on our website, the assistance we provide customers in selecting the right product, servicing the order, all the way to product delivery and post-sale support.

When someone purchases an LED sign from Asayo, we anticipate they'll have high expectations, and we try to exceed those expectations.

Customers Include . . .

We have large and small customers.  Larger companies and organizations that are Asayo LED sign customers include . . .

- American Steel Foundries
- Apple Computer
- Boeing
- Caterpillar
- CERN of Switzerland
- City of Long Beach
- Cornell University
- Exxon Mobil
- Federal Reserve Banks
- FedEx
- Fruit of the Loom
- Georgia Pacific
- Illinois Tool Works

- International Paper
- Lawrence Livermore Labs
- LucasArts
- Nichirin
- Pfister Energy
- TerraBite
- Texas A & M University
- US Air Force
- US Army National Guard
- US Navy
- Waste Management
- West Chester Police
- Westfield Group

Why Buy From Asayo?

Similar products can be supplied by other companies, so how is Asayo better?  Here's how . . .

10 Ways We Help You Save Money & Time

What Does Asayo Mean?

Nothing.  It was short, generic, top of the alphabet, 5-letter URL that was available.  It's actually not a very good name for a company, but we have it.  Since naming the company Asayo, we learned that it means "hello" in Korean, and is used as a first and last name in areas of Asia.

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